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Hi, I'm Supriya Singh

I am a rarest type of women who knows how to love with my whole heart. I would rather be alone than being with wrong kind of people. I am not a sweet talker and people are often confused, because I am so brutally honest, but you will never find bigger heart in universe.

I am a 39 years old, single mother of two children and one dog. I have been practising “sex and intimacy coaching” since last 2 years. Over the years, I have fallen , crashed, broke, cried, crawled, hurt , surrendered and then I rose again.

I always admire happy people . I have achieved less money but lot of experiences. I can be sure about one thing that I am one of the kindest human...

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Emotional & Sexual Wellness

At Mindsvilla, we will help you enhance your ability to understand and foster your emotions.


We help you create awareness in your life for sexual wellness.

Overcoming Fear

We train your mind to overcome your fear, worry and anxiety.

Relieve stress

We teach you techniques and strategies to ease your stress and trauma.

Creating Change

No matter who you are, we help you to create a change and become a better version of yourself.

Be Mindful

We help you to create an awareness in present moment and ensure that you live a good life.

Accept Yourself

We identify your strenghts and weaknesses and help you to forgive yourself.

As an Author, Check Out My Book...

When Life F*cks - Guts To Glory

Book Released. Grab Your Copy Now!

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This is a non- fiction inspiring story of a little girl Victoria who started fighting her battles since childhood against Physical abuse, Molestation, rape, mental and emotional torture , being a scarlet girl, abusive marriage, and single struggling mother.

This book gives u power to be believe that you are strong enough to handle any challenges, wise enough to find solutions to your problems, and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done.

This book gives you a hope for better tomorrow , that your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are, so just be yourself , love yourself for who you are and just keep going.

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Learn to Communicate

Get comfortable with your body

Be flexible

Discover your desires

Who Should Join this Course

You are single for a long time

You are single for a long time and you’ve started believing loneliness is your destiny.

You’re not feeling the intense passion

You’re not feeling the intense passion, and connection you enjoyed earlier in your relationship. Your relationship is okayish instead of amazing.

It’s hard for you to make deep friendships

It’s hard for you to make deep friendships, trust people, connect emotionally or physically with people

You stay with a partner but without any intimacy

You stay with a partner but without any intimacy. From being lovers you have become roommates

On a verge of a breakup / cheating

Or worse, your relationship has devolved into a series of recurring fights and is on a verge of a breakup/ cheating

Relationship becomes a duty

Relationship becomes a duty for you and there is no love, bond, trust, commitment in your relationship

What will you learn in this Course ?

  • Heal your self and limiting blocks through energy clearance practices
  • Understand how people think, and behave and learn how to influence them
  • Learn everyday practices, rituals to keep the relationship fresh, exciting, and juicy
  • Attract your desired partner

Sex and Intimacy Packages

Join my Course, for emotionally fulfilled life , sexually satisifed life and happy life in terms of intimacy

Silver Plan

Discover Your Desires

  • One to One Sessions
  • Total 24 Sessions
  • Twice a Week
  • Duration 3 Months

Gold Plan

Design Your Desires

  • One to One Sessions
  • Total 72 Sessions
  • Twice a Week
  • Duration 9 Months

Our Client Say!

* At Mindsvilla, we maintain the confidentiality of our clients.

"Emotional resilience is the measure of how we respond to and deal with things that happen to us in day to day life. Its our capacity to cope with challenges and hurdles that present themselves on this wonderful journey".